How to Change BIOS Setting Of HP Computer?

If you know the process of modifying or accessing the settings in BIOS then it can helps you a lot to resolve technical issues in your HP computer.  This blog will guide you to how to change and access your BIOS settings. To Setup HP computer call our toll free number 1-800-528-7430.

Way 1:

Boot the PC

As the HP logo appears, press the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup. Now wait for the BIOS menu to load. You can change the settings of the boot order, time and date settings, power settings and much more.

While you change HP BIOS settings, ensure that you change the settings in a proper way. If you change the settings in a wrong manner, then this will create hardware or system failure issues.

Modify the boot order

Enter the boot menu, if you want to modify which device to boot from. Here you can specify the boot order so the PC will first boot from that particular device. To repair or install an operating system it is useful for booting from the operating system installation disk.

Make a password for BIOS

You can make a password so that any unauthorized person cannot access your computer. You can also modify the time and date in BIOS settings. If you want to change the system voltage and fan speed, then be careful, these options are only tried by an expert user. After changing the BIOS settings, you will require to save the settings and exit from the HP BIOS setup. When you restart the computer, the new settings will apply.


Enter Windows 10 Boot options

Windows 10 often boots very quickly and allows you to enter into an advanced startup menu. But this process works if you have a motherboard which is UEFI enabled.   Press the Windows key+C to open the sidebar. In sidebar you need to click on the Settings button. Choose the General tab after the Settings menu is open.


Boot with Advanced startup option

Click on Restart now in the general settings in the advanced startup section. This will restart the computer and launch the advanced startup menu. To go to the BIOS settings, you need to click on the troubleshoot button. For getting help dial the HP computer support phone number 1-800-528-7430.

The Advanced options menu will appears. Customize your HP BIOS settings by clicking on the UEFI firmware settings option. You can alter the boot device if you want your computer to boot from another drive or a disc.


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