Windows 10 Black Screen Problems – How to Troubleshoot?

HP laptop running on windows 8 or 10 became totally blank will not show you anything. You need to begin a test and troubleshoot the problem. The reason could be anything from hardware problem to disturbed memory modules etc. Troubleshooting the black screen problem involves several crucial steps given below that you need to follow for effective results.


Connect Your Laptop with External Monitor

When your laptop LCD display back light has some technical problem or your graphic driver corrupted, then screen display will not show anything until and unless you connect an external display monitor to view the contents. Attach an external monitor and restart computer to see the effect on another monitor. If your laptop screen is black but if you are hearing the sound of fan, beep tones or spinning drives, it means the problem is only with display monitor.

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Recover the BIOS of Laptop

Every time when you upgrade your notebook, a copy of previous version of BIOS setting stored into the HP Tools partition of your hard disk. When black screen issue occurs you need to recover and restore the last saved version of BIOS setting. And if your hard disk is functional you can recover and reset BIOS settings and if there is any failure, then connect with HP laptop customer support to diagnosis the error online.

Reset the Modules of Memory

If your HP laptop is not displaying anything, may be memory module the helps to show such display. To reset the memory module, follow the steps carefully with the right steps. To initiate this process you can remove memory module from system memory slot and install again into the system for uninterrupted display of all contents on your monitor. Restart your computer so that this machine can detect the memory and your black screen problems get resolved.

Understand the Behavior of LED Light

Whenever an error arrives with a HP computer, then LED light starts reacting in different ways. If your HP laptop is showing one or two shorts beep-beeps before starting then your computer is normal and starts indicating that BIOS startup successfully completed. However, your laptop beeps sound but not starts there are huge chances of hardware problem affecting your device. If the problem is not fixed by you, then get HP laptop screen repair sport at your desk.   


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