How to Avoid Paper Jam Issue in HP Printer?

Paper Jam is one of the most common issues among the HP printer users. If spooler is not working properly or there is some other issue, paper will stuck inside without moving any side. Very often occurrence will spoil your work reducing the productivity of the printer. Here below we compiled few useful tips to avoid paper jam issues in HP printers.


Avoid using Smooth or Shinny Paper

Extraordinary smooth or shiny paper sheet usually stuck inside due to slipperiness that loosens the grip of roller responsible for paper moving.

Don’t Use Damaged or Wrinkled Paper

Paper sheet torn, wrinkled, damp, torn and curled in shape or size should be avoided for printing a document. These unusually physically shaped papers not move while printing and there are huge chances of paper jam while in the process.

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Put Paper in Tray only Up to Recommended Capacity

Putting paper sheet inside the tray more than recommended capacity will create paper jam problem. Every HP printer has its own capacity to hold paper sheet in the tray, if you don’t know the quantity then HP printers support to know the estimated quantity.


Check Paper Tray Installation Alignment

The disturbed alignment of paper also creates paper jam issue. Hence, always check the paper tray, is it properly installed or not. While loading paper inside the tray always make sure it is placed at the right position for giving best printouts.

Use Standard Quality Paper Sheets

Using low quality paper sheet would not fit into your HP printer will create a problem while printing. The size and shape of such low quality all sheets are not ideal, any variation is these sheets will create paper jam like issue. However, despite taking all these precautions if you still face any technical problem, you should contact with HP printer tech support.


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