Steps to Hooking up with HP Computer

In case, you have the new computer, something that is coming in between the digital world and you are the cables. Hooking the computer has become easy and it takes few minutes to connect.


Placing the Equipment Where You Want

Before person plugs in, life can become easy by placing peripherals and after that you have to plug them one at a time. One has to place everything so that the cables do not stretch in order to reach computer. Place the computer near power strip or the power outlet.

  • As you plug in devices, see that the cables do not get bunched/tangled
  • Be sure the computer tower is located in well ventilated spot. Heat is an enemy of the computer components. The more you mitigate the better.

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Plug in Mouse/Keyboard

One can plug them in the modern USB port. There are certain keyboards having the USB ports also so that one might plug in the computer.

  • Older mice/keyboards have the special connection. There is the color coding mentioned. In the green socket, one can put the mouse plug and in the purple socket, one can put the keyboard plug.
  • There are old computers that require the keyboard connection for the booting up purpose.

Connection to the Monitor


There are many options when it comes to the connection of computer to the monitor. If the video card is installed, one can connect monitor to one of the ports. If not, one can connect the monitor to one of the ports on motherboard.

Hooking up the HP computer requires the prior knowledge and in case one does not know how to deal this area in a proper manner, the option is to take the remote HP computer support from the premier tech support company.


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