Steps to Add HP Printer to Wireless Network

One can add the HP printers to the network in different ways. The two things that play a part in this are the printer model and the second is the network configuration. Before one does it, one has to be sure that the printer, computer and the network is turned on. All three have to function properly and should be ready for doing the role.


Checking the Compatibility of the Configuration with HP Auto Wireless Connectivity:

If one uses such a method, the network configuration and the computer should meet the requirements mentioned below:

  • Your computer should run windows Vista or Leopard or Macintosh
  • The computer has to connect to wireless router over 2.4 GHz. Presently HP does not support 5.0 GHz.
  • The OS of the computer is in complete control of wireless adapter.
  • The computer makes use of the wireless connection to the operating system and network
  • The computer does not use the static but the dynamic IP address

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Downloading from HP the Latest Printer Software

Make sure the software you select is both for the OS of the computer as well as the printer model.

  • One has to follow the on screen instructions until the installer prompts one about the type of connection. One can select either wireless of Ethernet. This is the connection type and after that, one can select YES. After that, one can select the Wireless settings to the computer. Be sure of finishing online downloads or finishing the other internet activities before going further.


If the user is not able to do the things by him, he can take the HP Printer technical support from the premier technical support company but do not forget to call these guys by dialing the toll free 1-800-528-7430 number and see the company is genuine.


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