How to Check Whether Your HP Computer Has Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is wireless technology allowing connecting to the nearby devices even if the device is not in the line of sight. There are new HP laptops that already have the Bluetooth hardware installation but there are less chances of it in case the computer is older. One can know check if laptop is Bluetooth capable or not.

Open Device Manager

Bluetooth needs certain hardware before it functions on computer. There are many laptops that come along with Bluetooth but there are desktop PCs that do not have the Bluetooth associated with them. The device manager lists the hardware and sees whether the Bluetooth hardware is installed or not.


Looking for Bluetooth Radios Category

By default, the device manager will have the computer expended and will display all the categories of attached devices like processors, display adapters, disk drives etc. One can look for Bluetooth Radios category. There is list of categories in the alphabetical manner. If you see his category, the Bluetooth is installed.

  • Expand the category so as to make sure that the hardware functions in correct manner. If, over hardware, you will find yellow exclamation icon, you may need installation of proper drivers before the working of the Bluetooth.

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Looking into the Category of NETWORK ADAPTERS:

If you do not see BLUETOOTH RADIOS category, you can find BLUETOOTH ADAPTER in NEW ADATERS category. This contains the network card that is used for connecting the wired or the wireless networks.

If one is unable to do the things by self, the option is to go for the HP technical support by dialing toll free number of HP technical support phone number 1-800-620-8060 or by visiting any other technical support company apart from that. The toll free number is generally mentioned on the top of the home page.


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