Connecting A Wireless Mouse—How to Do It?

When you use the wireless mouse, the desk will look modern because the cords are eliminated. Besides this, the mouse can be much more comfortable. There are some wireless mice that make use of USB receivers while there are others that make use of Bluetooth.

17854216 - human hand on computer mouse laptop on desk

Connecting Through the Receiver

  • Insert batteries into mouse
  • After turning over the mouse, find cover of the battery and after this, slide it off. Insert appropriate batteries. It can be AA and it can be AAA. By sliding or pushing ON button, you can turn on the mouse.
  • Connecting receiver to computer
  • Plug receiver into available USB port

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Connecting Mouse to Receiver

Certain mice are categorized as PLUG AND PLAY meaning there is no need of the software for their operation with the PC. There is need of drivers for others when it comes to the computer download. In case, computers need drivers for download. If the computer requires drivers for download, it will download automatically or prompt for the driver downloads after the receiver is plugged in.

Test the New Mouse


When the cursor moves when you move the mouse, you have connected mouse in the proper manner.

Adjustment of the Mouse Settings

To test the sensitivity of the new mouse, one can use the settings of the computer or one can use the software of the mouse if in case the mouse is equipped with the software.

You can check the Google search engine in order to check whether the mouse needs the driver or not. If the mouse has the CD associated with it, then there is need to install Cd for the installation of the drivers. One can take the help of the premier technical support company for HP and they will provide the best guidance as far as the connectivity of mouse with HP laptop is concerned.


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