Troubleshoot Internet Connection & Wireless Network in HP Laptops

Wireless connection offers best way to connect multiple types of portable devices through Wi-Fi network. HP laptop also comes with Wi-Fi feature to enjoy wireless networking but if internet connection breaks or your laptop loose wireless connection again and again creating a problem for users. Troubleshooting HP laptop wireless network and internet connection problem can become easier if user following steps given below.


Using HP Automatic Troubleshooting Tool   

HP laptop comes with automatic troubleshooting tools to detect various types of issues like network problem, internet connection issues and wireless connection issue. HP automatic tools are very useful in solving various other issues affecting the speed and performance of such devices. Users facing tech issues can take technical help for HP laptop to find this tool and get rid of various common problems affecting the system.

Reinstalling the Network Adapter Drivers

Removing and reinstalling network adapter HP driver helps to restore all the settings of network configuration and clear all the registry values submitted at the time of configuring such settings. Re-installation also provides option to make sure the settings are configured correctly or there is any mistake or conflict with IP related issues. Having a latest HP driver helps to run related device at faster rate while ensuring the safety of device.

Rechecking and Resetting Hardware Configurations

Mainly users avoid this process in which hardware components should be also checked to ensure the compatibility of HP wireless connection and network connectivity at every-end. Rechecking and resetting hardware components helps to solve HP wireless connection problem, if there is any mismatch between hardware and software HP laptops will now work properly, even can create networking and wireless connection related various issues.

Reset the Router Settings and Network Configuration

Apart from basic settings, advance level of settings in router should be restored that can help to overcome HP wireless connection issues with router. Configuration of wireless networking helps to reset all the settings allowing users to customize the options as per the personalize needs. To adjust such settings taking help from HP tech support would be the best option to avoid any major issue and enjoy uninterrupted W-Fi connection.       

Restoring the BIOS Settings to Default Mode Can Help     

Sometimes due to BIOS setting internet connection or wireless network issues occurs. If other computer or devices are connecting with wireless network but your computer is not connecting it means BIOS setting might be creating a problem that should be fixed. Users just need to restore the HP BIOS setting and with the help tech expert and network problem will be resolved.


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