Removal of Stickers from HP Laptop, Computer and PC

You may possibly waste your money if you are thinking of purchasing the new HP laptop just because the old one is covered with the stickers that are unattractive. You can remove the stickers and by this way, you can free the HP laptop from being used as the advertisement tool unnecessarily.

Be Sure the HP Laptop is Not Old

With the passage of time, the stickers of the HP laptop will dry up and the backing of the glue separates from printed material. If you want to remove the stickers, make it fast. Depending on the quality, the freshness of the stickers will not remain for more than a year or two. One can also use the chemical removal method.

Decide the Type of Stickers that are to be Removed

There are some useful stickers like the OEM licensing stickers. There are some stickers that have serial numbers, service tags, support information or the system specifications embedded on them. Some of the most common removed stickers include the ones that promote Windows OS apart from the AMD CPU and the Intel speakers.

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Do the Process in the Slow Manner

If you do the process fast, there is risk of sticker tear or it can be separated from the glue backing.

Commence from Edges


You can use the fingernails or the putty knife. It is advised not to destroy the aluminum or the plastic surface during the process.

Pull sticker in slow manner from edge from which you commenced

Maintenance of the angle is a must in this process.

If you cannot do the process by self, you can take the online technical support by visiting HP technical support numbers site. This company has a good market reputation. Alternately, you can dial (800) 528-7430 toll-free number, Live Chat and Email to get instant support.


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