How to Fix HP Printers “Alignment Failed” Error?

The printer ink can fail to line up in a proper manner on the printed page. There are times when the printer displays error message named “ALIGNMENT FAILED”. If such a message comes, the printer can be out of alignment. For aligning the HP printer, you need to align the ink cartridges, reset printer or use different type of paper.


Aligning the Ink Cartridges (HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer Series (E709))

  1. Power on the HP printer
  2. Load small plain white paper stack into the input tray of the printer
  3. Launching HP solution center application on computer (In case you use the computer that is window based, locate application by making a click on START and after that PROGRAMS and after that HP)
  4. Make a click on SETTINGS and after that select PRINT SETTINGS located in HP solutions center.
  5. Make a click on PRINTER TOOLBOX.
  6. PRINTER TOOLBOX window opens and displays onscreen
  8. Make a click on ALIGN and after that follow instructions on-screen for calibrating the printer and aligning the cartridges in a proper manner.

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Reset the HP Printers (LaserJet Pro CP1025 & CP1025nw Color Printers)

  1. Power on the HP printer
  2. From the back of the printer, disconnect the power cord but the power of the printer has to be kept on.
  3. Unplug power cord of the printer from electrical outlet.
  4. Wait for 15 seconds minimum and after that plug power cord back in electrical outlet.
  5. Reconnect power cord to printer back.
  6. Wait till the HP printer automatically power backs. (If it fails, press power button)



In case, you cannot do the process by self, you can take the HP support by dialing the toll free number of HP technical support numbers or you can also search some genuine company that has a market reputation for providing the support for the HP products.


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