How to Boot HP Laptops Window’s from CD?

Linux and windows installation discs with the different types of diagnostic tools come on CDs or DVDs that are bootable. There are boot flies in these discs and these provide the green signal for computer booting. There are computers that first boot from hard drive meaning that when the computer is rebooted, windows will always load.

To boot from DVD or CD, there is need to alter the boot order as far as the computer is concerned. By this, it will boot first from the optical drive. This process is bit different when it comes to new Windows installation in HP laptops.

Boot Settings Option

Windows 8 and Newer

If the computer is pre-installed with windows from 7-10, apply this method for booting in HP Computer from CD.

Check Whether the CD Is Bootable

To be bootable, the CD has to be programmed. Many computer utilities and Linux and windows installation discs have received configuration to become bootable.


Open Charm S Menu And After That Click Setting

By moving the mouse, you can open Charms bar. You have to move the mouse to the upper right corner of screen.

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If you are unable to solve problem by self, it is better to dial (800) 528-7430 toll-free number of the tech support company. The experts of the company will provide the HP laptop support at the genuine prices as fixed in the market. There are some relevant companies in the market offering HP support and one of them is the HP Technical Support Number. In the present times, this company is among the market leaders when it comes to the support for HP. Over the years, the company has made immense progress in solving the various technical issues of HP products. One should be cautious about the fictitious companies in the market offering HP laptop and computer support.


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