How to Fix HP Laptop Charging Problems?

There can be reasons when the HP laptop is having the trouble as far as the charging is concerned. For this, you can examine the outlet, the cord and also the connection. For the identification, this is easy and there are many other fixable problems that one can solve. Another thing is the resetting of the battery management and charging the laptop settings. If one cannot do this, one will have to replace the battery.

HP Laptop Charger Support


Unplug and after this try different outlet

You can unplug HP laptop and after that wait for some minutes. After this, plug it in outlet in different room. There are some users who say that the laptop power adapter can stop working on a temporary basis in order to protect itself from the power supply issue.

  • If you have the removable battery, you have to take it out as you disconnect the power source. You can hold down the power button of the laptop for 2 minutes, put in the battery back and after this plug it in the new outlet.

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Examining the cord

Examining the complete length of the power cord for the dents, tears and worn down insulation. If there is the burnt plastic smell, the cord is faulty.

  • You can check the warranty before part replacement.

Fix HP Laptop Charger

Inspecting the connection

If the cord’s attachment feels loose or wobbles, then there is a connection problem. You can unplug cord and after that remove debris with the help of wooden toothpick. With the help of compressed air, you can remove the heavy dust that is built up.

If one cannot do the things by oneself, then there is need for the HP laptop technical support and one can dial (800) 528-7430 toll-free number generally mentioned on the home page of the website.


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