How to Troubleshoot HP Scanner Errors?

HP scanners are one most widely used scanning device among users to scan various documents in black & white or colored formats. Built with latest technology and amazing features, HP scanners are very portable and easy to connect with different types of computers through wired or wireless connectivity. However, if any issue is bothering you, it can be fixed with few useful instructions given below.

Restart the Devices Once Again

If your HP scanner is not working properly you should try restarting of your device including all connected computer, scanner, router and other connected devices. As sometimes HP scanners not able to establish connection with other devices because of power related issues and it get restored after restart.


Uninstall and Reinstall HP Driver

Sometimes problem arise due to driver, so should uninstall and install HP scanner drivers again with the right configuration and setup. Sometimes few settings not properly installed after the installation of HP driver, hence re-installation is very important to get a successful installation with complete setup.

Uninstall and Reinstall HP Driver

Deactivate Start-up Items

Many times windows based programs can unfavorably affect the images scanned by the HP scanner. Hence, to setup HP scanner without disabling start-up you can run menu on your window and enter “MS-CONFIG” to open system configuration. Select the “Selective Start-up” and unchecked all the programs.

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Check and Clean HP Scanner Glass

Sometimes due to dust and dirt particles HP scanner not able to scan properly or stop working. And to clean the HP scanner glasses open it carefully with the help of screwdriver and clean it carefully. To avoid scratches or spots use soft cotton and wipe gently with glass cleaner or other recommended cleansers.

Check and Clean HP Scanner Glass

Troubleshooting with Certified Technicians

If your HP scanner is out of warranty and despite all these efforts if you are not able to solve your problem, you should take HP scanner help by certified professionals who are providing customer support service to solve various types of issues with HP scanners. These professionals will help you to find the actual problem and perform HP scanner repair process with the right solution as per your availability.


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