Checking whether the computer has the Bluetooth

Bluetooth is wireless technology allowing connecting to the nearby devices even if the device is not in the line of sight. There are new HP laptops that already have the Bluetooth hardware installation but there are less chances of it in case the computer is older. One can know whether the computer is Bluetooth capable or not.

Open device manager

Bluetooth needs certain hardware before it functions on computer. There are many laptops that come alongwith Bluetooth but there are desktop PCs that do not have the Bluetooth associated with them. The device manager lists the hardware and sees whether the Bluetooth hardware is installed or not.

Looking for Bluetooth Radios category

By default, the device manager will have the computer expended and will display all the categories of attached devices like processors, display adapters, disk drives etc. One can look for Bluetooth Radios category. There is list of categories in the alphabetical manner. If you see his category, the Bluetooth is installed.

  • Expand the category so as to make sure that the hardware functions in correct manner. If, over hardware, you will find yellow exclamation icon, you may need installation of proper drivers before the working of the Bluetooth.

Looking into the category of NETWORK ADAPTERS:

If you do not see BLUETOOTH RADIOS category, you can find BLUETOOTH ADAPTER in NEW ADATERS category. This contains the network card that is used for connecting the wired or the wireless networks.

If one is unable to do the things by self, the option is to go for the HP technical support by dialing toll free number of HP technical support numbers or by visiting any other technical support company apart from that. The toll free number is generally mentioned on the top of the home page.

Hooking up a HP computer

In case, you have the new computer, something that is coming in between the digital world and you are the cables. Hooking the computer has become easy and it takes few minutes to connect.

Placing the equipment where you want.

Before person plugs in, life can become easy by placing peripherals and after that you have to plug them one at a time. One has to place everything so that the cables do not stretch in order to reach computer. Place the computer near power strip or the power outlet.

  • As you plug in devices, see that the cables do not get bunched/tangled
  • Be sure the computer tower is located in well ventilated spot. Heat is an enemy of the computer components. The more you mitigate the better.

Plug in mouse/keyboard

One can plug them in the modern USB port. There are certain keyboards having the USB ports also so that one might plug in the computer.

  • Older mice/keyboards have the special connection. There is the color coding mentioned. In the green socket, one can put the mouse plug and in the purple socket, one can put the keyboard plug.
  • There are old computers that require the keyboard connection for the booting up purpose.

Connection to the monitor

There are many options when it comes to the connection of computer to the monitor. If the video card is installed, one can connect monitor to one of the ports. If not, one can connect the monitor to one of the ports on motherboard.

Hooking up the HP computer requires the prior knowledge and in case one does not know how to deal this area in a proper manner, the option is to take the HP computer support from the premier tech support company.

Connecting a wireless mouse—how to do it?

When you use the wireless mouse, the desk will look modern because the cords are eliminated. Besides this, the mouse can be much more comfortable. There are some wireless mice that make use of USB receivers while there are others that make use of Bluetooth.

Connecting through the receiver

Insert batteries into mouse

After turning over the mouse, find cover of the battery and after this, slide it off. Insert appropriate batteries. It can be AA and it can be AAA. By sliding or pushing ON button, you can turn on the mouse.

Connecting receiver to computer

Plug receiver into available USB port

Connecting mouse to receiver

Certain mice are categorized as PLUG AND PLAY meaning there is no need of the software for their operation with the PC. There is need of drivers for others when it comes to the computer download. In case, computers need drivers for download. If the computer requires drivers for download, it will download automatically or prompt for the driver downloads after the receiver is plugged in.

Test the new mouse

When the cursor moves when you move the mouse, you have connected mouse in the proper manner.

Adjustment of the mouse settings

To test the sensitivity of the new mouse, one can use the settings of the computer or one can use the software of the mouse if in case the mouse is equipped with the software.

You can check the Google search engine in order to check whether the mouse needs the driver or not. If the mouse has the CD associated with it, then there is need to install Cd for the installation of the drivers. One can take the help of the premier tech support company for HP support and they will provide the best guidance as far as the connectivity of mouse with HP laptop is concerned.

Adding HP printer to the wireless network—Steps to do

One can add the HP printers to the network in different ways. The two things that play a part in this are the printer model and the second is the network configuration. Before one does it, one has to be sure that the printer, computer and the network is turned on. All three have to function properly and should be ready for doing the role.

Checking the compatibility of the configuration with HP auto wireless connectivity:

If one uses such a method, the network configuration and the computer should meet the requirements mentioned below:

  • Your computer should run windows Vista or Leopard or Macintosh
  • The computer has to connect to wireless router over 2.4 GHz. Presently HP does not support 5.0GHz.
  • The OS of the computer is in complete control of wireless adapter.
  • The computer makes use of the wireless connection to the operating system and network
  • The computer does not use the static but the dynamic IP address

Downloading from HP the latest printer software

Make sure the software you select is both for the OS of the computer as well as the printer model.

  • One has to follow the on screen instructions until the installer prompts one about the type of connection. One can select either wireless of Ethernet. This is the connection type and after that, one can select YES. After that, one can select the Wireless settings to the computer. Be sure of finishing online downloads or finishing the other internet activities before going further.

If the user is not able to do the things by him, he can take the technical support from the premier technical support company but do not forget to call these guys by dialing the toll free number and see the company is genuine.

Guidelines for Troubleshooting HP Wireless Printer Network Issues

HP wireless printers are giving nonstop printing service for end-users to connect with multiple devices and print their favorite documents. However, due to network problem HP wireless printers show technical issues affecting the performance. But such wireless network issues can be solved with the help of some useful workarounds given below.

Restarting HP printer and connected computer works

Many times restarting such devices works and solves wireless network connection problems. Hence, once switch off and restart all the devices including your HP printer, router and connected computer. But make sure check all the connection or power cord cable and wait for half-minutes before restarting all these devices.

Wireless signal strength of router and printer should be strong

A weak signal between the printer and router creates wireless connectivity problem. Weak signal also creates wireless communication and software installation problem which can be solved with the help of HP printer tech support. To avoid signal related issues keep your router and wireless printer away from interference objects or walls. An obstruct-free wireless connection provides a strong signal and uninterrupted wireless connectivity.        

Channing Router channel setting helps to connect with network

If your HP printer is not connecting with your computer through router you can try a change in setting of router. Check the computer connected with your network that can be verified by opening a browser. At the same time obtaining router IP address is also important to establish a connection with internet. To obtain IP for your router either you can contact to manufacturer or get help from HP printer customer support.

Keeping Router software updated with latest version helps

Outdated driver or firmware can cause network or connectivity related issues with printer device. Updating router software program from time-to-time repair other related issues also. To update your router you need to visit either nearest service center or call to HP printer customer support and get online help by certified technicians for such issues.

Try Dual-band router that runs on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency ranges

Higher frequency range router provides better speed and connectivity for internet surfing and for wireless connection use. Many wireless routers can support only 2.4GHz frequency instead of 5GHz frequency, hence you need to very careful while adjusting such settings. However, if the router is not equipped with 5GHz frequency then you can either replace your router with 5GHz. An online tech support service is available to solve wireless connectivity problems.

Troubleshooting internet connection and wireless network in HP laptops

Wireless connection offers best way to connect multiple types of portable devices through Wi-Fi network. HP laptop also comes with Wi-Fi feature to enjoy wireless networking but if internet connection breaks or your laptop loose wireless connection again and again creating a problem for users. Troubleshooting HP laptop wireless networking and internet connection problem can become easier if user following steps given below.

Using HP automatic troubleshooting tool   

HP laptop comes with automatic troubleshooting tools to detect various types of issues like network problem, internet connection issues and wireless connection issue. HP automatic tools are very useful in solving various other issues affecting the speed and performance of such devices. Users facing tech issues can take help of HP technical support to find this tool and get rid of various common problems affecting the system.

Reinstalling the network adapter drivers

Removing and reinstalling network adapter driver helps to restore all the settings of network configuration and clear all the registry values submitted at the time of configuring such settings. Reinstallation also provides option to make sure the settings are configured correctly or there is any mistake or conflict with IP related issues. Having a latest driver helps to run related device at faster rate while ensuring the safety of device.

Rechecking and Resetting Hardware Configurations

Mainly users avoid this process in which hardware components should be also checked to ensure the compatibility of wireless connection and network connectivity at every-end. Rechecking and resetting hardware components helps to solve wireless connection problem, if there is any mismatch between hardware and software HP laptops will now work properly, even can create networking and wireless connection related various issues.

Reset the router Settings and Network Configuration

Apart from basic settings, advance level of settings in router should be restored that can help to overcome wireless connection issues with router. Configuration of wireless networking helps to reset all the settings allowing users to customize the options as per the personalize needs. To adjust such settings taking help from HP tech support would be the best option to avoid any major issue and enjoy uninterrupted W-Fi connection.       

Restoring the BIOS settings to default mode can help     

Sometimes due to BIOS setting internet connection or wireless network issues occurs. If other computer or devices are connecting with wireless network but your computer is not connecting it means BIOS setting might be creating a problem that should be fixed. Users just need to restore the BIOS setting and with the help tech expert and network problem will be resolved.

Aligning the HP printer

The printer ink can fail to line up in a proper manner on the printed page. There are times when the printer displays error message named ALIGNMENT FAILED. If such a message comes, the printer can be out of alignment. For aligning the HP printer, you need to align the ink cartridges, reset printer or use different type of paper.

Aligning the ink cartridges

Power on the HP printer

Load small plain white paper stack into the input tray of the printer

Launching HP solution center application on computer

  • In case you use the computer that is window based, locate application by making a click on START and after that PROGRAMS and after that HP.

Make a click on SETTINGS and after that select PRINT SETTINGS located in HP solutions center.

Make a click on PRINTER TOOLBOX.

PRINTER TOOLBOX window opens and displays onscreen


Make a click on ALIGN and after that follow instructions on-screen for calibrating the printer and aligning the cartridges in a proper manner.

Reset the HP printer

Power on the HP printer

From the back of the printer, disconnect the power cord but the power of the printer has to be kept on.

Unplug power cord of the printer from electrical outlet.

Wait for 15 seconds minimum and after that plug power cord back in electrical outlet.

Reconnect power cord to printer back.

Wait till the HP printer automatically power backs.

  • If it fails, press power button.

In case, you cannot do the process by self, you can take the HP support by dialing the toll free number of HP technical support numbers or you can also search some genuine company that has a market reputation for providing the support for the HP products.